The Mosque of the Blessed Mantle will be closed to visitors during Ramadan


People will not be able to visit the Mosque of the Blessed Mantle (Hırka-i Şerif Mosque), which is visited by thousands of people every year during the month of Ramadan this year, as was the case in the month of Ramadan last, due to the measures taken to limit the spread of the Coronavirus.


The Mantle of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is preserved in the Mosque of the Blessed Mantle in Al-Fatih, and is one of the two garments of the Prophet preserved to date.

Barış Samir, the grandson of the fifty-ninth generation, who took charge of guarding the blessed robe:

Hundreds of thousands of people from Turkey and beyond visit the blessed mantle every year during Ramadan.

Samir mentioned that the mantle came to Istanbul in 1611 at the invitation of Sultan Ahmed I.

And he mentioned that the Mosque of the Blessed Mantle (Hırka-i Şerif Mosque) was opened to visitors on the first Friday of Ramadan since 1851.


Stressing that the whole world is fighting the Coronavirus epidemic, Samir continued the following:

Many measures have been taken to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic.

It has been more than a year since the epidemic.

The epidemic continues, and mutated versions of the virus have appeared.

As in the previous year, we will not be able to open the Blessed Mantle Mosque for the health of our people this year due to the epidemic.”