“The Girl’s Tower” will resume receiving visitors from May 11


The “Girl’s Tower” off the coast of Istanbul is preparing to receive its visitors as of May 11, following the completion of extensive restoration work.

A statement by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism stated, on Monday, that the historic tower will open its doors to visitors after a hiatus of nearly two years.

The statement added that the tower underwent extensive and comprehensive restoration work, including strengthening its resistance to earthquakes.


It is explained that the restoration work of the “Girl’s Tower” was carried out under the supervision of a scientific committee composed of senior specialists in this field.

It is believed that the Girl’s Tower, located on a small island 200 meters from the beach, was built in 1110 AD during the reign of the Byzantine Emperor Alexios Komnenos as a wooden structure protected by a stone wall. The building was restored to its present condition in the late 1720s and then used as a watchtower during the Ottoman Empire.