The curfew begins to combat the Coronavirus in all parts of Turkey


As part of the gradual normalization measures, the curfew covering the entire Sunday began at 22:00, and the restriction will end at 05:00 on Monday, June 21.

The Ministry of Interior had sent a circular to the governorates regarding the “June normalization measures” to be implemented in the process of gradual normalization in the context of combating the Coronavirus epidemic.

In this context, the curfew, which started at 22:00 today, will cover the entire Sunday and will end at 05:00 on Monday, June 21.


Restaurants will provide takeaway service

For Sunday when a full-day curfew will be implemented in Turkey, grocery stores, markets, vegetable grocers, butchers, nuts, and sweets will operate between 10.00 and 17.00.

In these establishments, products other than mandatory basic needs will not be sold, citizens will be able to go to business within walking distance of their homes.