The arrest of a terrorist working in the opposition Istanbul municipality


Turkish security forces succeeded in storming a PKK terrorist hideout in Şırnak, southwestern Turkey. Duran, who started working as a permanent employee in the Greater Istanbul Municipality as a social services expert on June 1, 2021.


Accordingly, the Turkish security forces arrested “Shafak Duran” last night while she was at the head of her work in the Greater Istanbul Municipality.

It is noteworthy that one of the terrorists who surrendered to Turkish security admitted during his interrogation that the so-called “Shafak Duran” was among those who wanted to join the PKK terrorist organization.

In a related context, investigations revealed that “Shafak Duran” has links with student groups affiliated with the terrorist “PKK” at Sakarya University.


It is worth noting that at the end of last year, the Turkish Ministry of the Interior announced the opening of investigations against 557 employees of the Istanbul Municipality on the grounds of their links with the PKK terrorist organization and other terrorist organizations.