The American “Defense News” praises the first Turkish-made drone fighter


The American “Defense News” magazine praised the “Bayraktar Qizil Elma” project, the first Turkish-made drone fighter.

This came in a report by the magazine specialized in defense affairs about the first successful test of the unmanned fighter “Bayraktar Qizil Elma”, manufactured with local capabilities and capabilities by the Turkish “Baykar” company.

Under the title “The First Flight of the Unmanned Fighter in Turkey’s Future,” the American magazine touched on the speed of completion of the project.


In this context, the report indicated that the “Bayraktar Qizil Elma” project began with the appearance of the model of the fighter, and then succeeded in flying within only 10 months.

He stated that “Baykar” revealed the drone fighter project in 2021, and then revealed some of its details in March 2022, followed by a test of engine compatibility with the fighter, before the latter appeared successfully passing the flight test in the air.

The American magazine’s report also included detailed information about the capabilities of the Turkish drone fighter.

And last Wednesday, the company, “Baykar”, announced that it had conducted the first flight tests of the drone fighter, and it had been successfully completed.

At the beginning of last March, Selcuk Bayraktar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Baykar, revealed the local drone fighter, and at that time published pictures of its structure without wings.

Unlike drones, Bayraktar Qizil Elma can perform lightning maneuvers and carry out air-to-air combat missions just like conventional fighters, enabling Turkey to change the balance of air warfare.

It is planned that “Bayrakdar Qizil Elma” will perform the most difficult tasks thanks to the advantage of being hidden from radar screens more, and its take-off weight will reach 6 tons, and it is capable of carrying 1,500 kilograms of missiles and ammunition.