Southeast Turkey’s exports of grains and legumes reach $2.6 billion


Recent data showed that the value of grain and legumes exports from southeastern Turkey amounted to $2.6 billion during the first 9 months of this year.


According to data from the “Confederation of Exporters of Cereals, Legumes, Oilseeds and Their Derivatives in Southeast Anatolia”.

According to the data, the region’s exports of grains and legumes amounted to 3,318,626 tons between January and September 2022.

Pasta topped the list of the sector’s most exported products from the region, with revenues of 490 million and 144 thousand dollars in the mentioned period.

Iraq ranked first among the countries importing the sector’s products in the region with a value of 961 million and 568 thousand dollars, followed by Syria with 216 million and 655 thousand dollars.


The United States of America came in third place, with a value of 166 million and 104 thousand dollars.

Southeast Anatolia includes the states of Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa, Diyarbakır, Batman, Mardin, Adıman, Kilis, Siirt and Şırnak.