Skiers from Germany and Austria go to the Turkish mountains


The mountains of Hakkari state, southeastern Turkey, are popular with local and foreign skiing enthusiasts as they are one of the areas that receive large amounts of snow.

In this regard, the state received skiers from Germany and Austria to provide them with a unique opportunity to enjoy practicing their hobby on snow that reached a thickness of 3 meters.

German and Austrian tourists went on skiing tours in the peaks and slopes of the Hakkari Mountains, accompanied by the head of the Geilo Mountaineering and Nature Sports Club, Haci Tansu.

Skiing enthusiasts climbed Mount Shivakor, which is 3,500 meters high, and the Duran Kaya area, famous for its snow.

The Turkish authorities are making important investments in the field of winter tourism in the region where snow cover continues for long periods compared to other regions.