Saudi Arabia seeks help from Turkey in the war in Yemen


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Turkey officially announced on Tuesday its solidarity with Saudi Arabia in the face of the relentless attacks of Ansar al-Islam on Yemeni soil.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement, “Turkey stands with the Saudi government and people in facing the attacks of Assad’s supporters on Saudi oil facilities.”


According to Turkish newspapers, the official Turkish statement appears to be the seal of approval for behind-the-scenes issues related to the Turkish-Saudi understanding following Riyadh’s request from Ankara for military assistance in the Yemeni war and the battle of Ma’rib.

It is likely that Ankara has enthusiastically agreed to enter the line of conflict in Marib, especially where the Muslim Brotherhood “reform” party is located alongside Saudi Arabia.

Turkey quickly responded to the Saudi request, as reports received from northern Syria stated that fighters from the region were preparing to send to Yemen, as was the case in Libya and Nagorno Karabakh.


It was also reported that the Turkish intelligence service began preparing lists of those willing to participate in the Yemeni war with very high salaries, and called on groups in Idlib to announce the names and registrations of the fighters who would be transferred to Yemen for the war with Saudi Arabia.

Ankara also provided Riyadh with Karel drones, and the Yemeni army recently announced that it had shot down one of them.

According to various sources, Ankara has practically begun transferring a group of military drones to Saudi Arabia to compensate for the cessation of American military support to Saudi Arabia and the failure to equip Riyadh with offensive weapons after Joe Biden decided to end the Yemeni war, and to call for an end.