Saudi Arabia… arresting 122 accused of falsifying Corona reports


On Thursday, Saudi Arabia announced the arrest of 122 people on charges of falsifying the health status related to the Coronavirus.


The statement of the Control and Anti-Corruption Authority (official) stated that “after expanding the search, investigation and investigation procedures, it was proven that 122 defendants were involved, and all of them admitted the charges attributed to them.”

He explained that accusations of bribery and participation in forgery were brought against 9 employees of the Ministry of Health.

In addition, 92 people (patients) were able to adjust their health conditions, and 21 mediators coordinated and received the money.

The statement stated, “Continuing to monitor and control those involved in employees, mediators, and beneficiaries in the case of modifying the health status, because of these negative effects on the state’s efforts to combat the epidemic.”


In Saudi Arabia, an application called “Tawakulna” is used that works with the feature of artificial intelligence to determine the affected areas or are somewhat free of the virus.

Where the health status is changed through it (infected, the unvaccinated, immunized first dose, immunized two doses).

And in early July, the Saudi Control and Anti-Corruption Authority announced the arrest of 12 people who had “illegally uploaded data” to a mobile application in exchange for sums of money.

Recently, Saudi Arabia has witnessed a remarkable rise in the rate of coronavirus infections.

As of Wednesday evening, it recorded 504,960 cases of the virus, including 8,20 deaths, and 486,011 cases of recovery.