Sakarya field production reaches 5.5 million cubic meters per day


Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Alparslan Bayraktar said that the production of the Sakarya gas field in the Black Sea reached 5.5 million cubic meters per day.

Bayraktar explained during a television program on Turkish Channel 7 on Sunday that the Sakarya field, through the aforementioned number, will meet the needs of 2.4 million homes for natural gas.

The Turkish Minister expected production to rise by next August to reach 6 million cubic meters.

He stated that the desired goal is to reach 10 million cubic meters of natural gas in early 2025.

The Turkish Petroleum Company discovered quantities of natural gas amounting to 320 billion cubic meters in August 2020, and upon completion of exploration, the reserve quantity in the well was updated to 405 billion cubic meters.

In June 2021, a new reserve of 135 billion cubic meters was discovered, bringing the total natural gas reserve in the Black Sea to 540 billion cubic meters.

In December 2022, the aforementioned reserve was updated to 652 billion cubic meters after a re-evaluation by the independent DeGolyer & MacNaughton Foundation, and it was also announced that a new 58 billion cubic meters had been discovered, bringing the total volume of the reserve discovered in the Black Sea to 710 billion cubic meters.​​​​​​​