President Erdogan: We’ll announce the new normalization calendar in days


President Erdogan said, “We will announce the new normalization calendar that will start on May 17 in the coming days, and one of the most important items on the agenda of our first cabinet meeting is the process of opening schools.”

President Erdoan also met the youth on the “Longest Iftar” program the previous day.

560 young people from 81 provinces attended the video-conference meeting, and the youth asked Erdogan what aroused their curiosity.


Highlights from President Erdogan’s statements:

“I think the days when we will overcome this epidemic as quickly as possible and return to our normal lives through strict adherence to precautions are approaching.

The leaders of tomorrow’s great and powerful Turkey’s heirs will also be young. ”

“We will announce the normalization calendar in the coming days”

We will announce the new normalization calendar that will start on May 17 in the coming days, and this will be one of the most important items on the agenda of the first cabinet meeting.

This calendar will also include the process of opening schools, and there is no doubt that the fluctuation of the course of the epidemic prevents us from giving certain dates in such matters in advance, currently, there is a dangerous decrease in the number of cases and deaths. “


Earthquake dwellings will be distributed in Izmir in August

He added, “We will go to the earthquake zone in Izmir in August and distribute the housing.”

“We are the exporting country in the defense industry”

“At the moment, we are a country that seriously exports in the defense industry, not importing, but exporting.

Now, we are making all the ammunition from our SİHA in Turkey.”

“They couldn’t even take care of the Istanbul horses”

“It was also on our agenda that the horses on the islands should work in conditions not suitable for any living creature.

Former metropolitan mayors have conducted various studies, and management at the IMM has changed prior to implementing these preparations.


It is another example of hypocrisy that those who cause animal rights chaos, regarding the condition of the horses on the islands, do not make a voice about it.

Come on, why don’t you talk? If you talk, why not? This work cannot have an ideological dimension.

We don’t even want to think about what those who cannot even own Istanbul horses do in other matters. Our nation and the people of Istanbul see all of this happening.”


A copy of the Bible

“We have given the necessary instructions, YÖK has completed its preparations by ensuring the necessary coordination with the universities.

Now, our young people will be able to obtain copies of documents from anywhere they want, in a bilingual way, without paying any fees.

It will provide great comfort to our students who are in different cities during the period of the epidemic and who wish to continue their education abroad, I hope this innovation will be beneficial to our youth.”

“We are determined to continue by diversifying support”

“During the period of the epidemic, under the name of the Social Protection Shield, we distributed 61 billion liras to our needy people from all walks of life.


We transferred 8.5 billion liras to about 2,300,000 needy citizens within the scope of family social support.

3 million 765 thousand people benefited from the work allowance, 2.5 million from the cash wage subsidy, and 1 million people from the unemployment allowance.

We have supported all sectors of the business world, from our dealers to our industrialists, with interest-free or low-interest loans with resources amounting to 315 billion TL.

We have provided non-reciprocal support to more than 4 billion of our merchants, and distributed more than 5 billion liras as a donation to our merchants as income loss and rental support.

We are determined to continue by diversifying support.”