Operation in Mersin port: 1 ton and 150 kg of cocaine were seized


1 ton and 150 kilograms of cocaine were seized in Mersin. “This is the largest cocaine seizure ever in Turkey,” said Minister Mush.

The Directorate of Regional Security and the Directorate of Customs Enforcement also took measures after a report of the presence of a narcotic substance in a container loaded with bananas on a ship coming to the port of Mersin from the Ecuadorean state.

Then, immediately after the suspicious container was evacuated from the ship, the container was sent for an X-ray examination.

Suspicious density was detected in the examination, and mule dogs were activated to detect drugs.


outside the container

After the detector dogs interacted with the cargo in the container, a detailed search was started, and it was determined that a historic drug shipment was made in the container hidden in the loaded cargo, and 1 ton of 150 kilograms of cocaine was seized.