Omicron virus heralds a black winter in the United States


The new virus, which has spread rapidly in the United States and raised the number of cases to record levels in many states, is being described as “the harbinger of a black winter”.

Because of the Coronavirus, the United States of America has seen 51 million cases, and more than 800,000 people have died, and it is facing difficulty with the increase in cases.


Because of the Omicron virus, the latest mutation of the virus, cases in New York, New Jersey and Washington, DC, have reached a record level.

And in the data reflected in the US press, the number of hospitalizations due to the virus in the country rose by 45 percent in the past month.

While the number of cases increased by 40, the daily rate of cases in the country was announced at 123 thousand.

Many health experts describe the Omicron virus as a “black harbinger of winter”, pointing to a new escalation in the epidemic caused by Omicron.


Anthony Fauci, chief health adviser to US President Joe Biden, made pessimistic statements about the epidemic in a program he attended on CNBC on December 17.

Fauci stressed that the increase in the number of cases in the country due to the Omicron virus may lead to more deaths and hospitalizations.

“When more people get sick, more people get seriously ill. The math is simple.”

Fauci said the recall dose vaccine largely prevents variants and noted that the definition of “complete vaccine” can be used for people who have received the third dose of the vaccine.

Recent supply chain problems in the US have also affected the demo.


In many pharmacies, only one or two test kits can be sold to one person due to a shortage of home test kits.

Long queues form in front of the stations where the vehicle is being tested.

US President Biden previously announced that his biggest weapon regarding the Omicron variant is a vaccine, and he will announce his new strategy in fighting the virus on Tuesday, December 21.

Biden said in his previous statements that they are strong enough to defeat the alternative and that the United States will not enter quarantine again.