Omani tourists prefer Trabzon, Turkey, for their honeymoon


The Turkish state of Trabzon has become a favorite destination for newlyweds from the Gulf countries, especially the Sultanate of Oman, to spend their honeymoon.

In addition to its cultural and historical richness, Trabzon has emerged as a destination for nature tourism and has recently become a magnet for foreign tourists who have recently entered the marital nest.

The province’s director of culture and tourism, Tamer Erdogan, said that Trabzon hosted more than a million domestic and foreign tourists last year.


He expected a 30 percent increase in the number of tourists this year, pointing to the preference of new couples from outside the country to spend their honeymoon in Trabzon.

He pointed out that Trabzon witnessed a significant increase in the number of newlyweds coming to it, stressing that the requests received from tourism companies show that the increase will continue this season as well.

He explained that the greatest demand in this regard comes from Omani tourists.

For his part, Farid Berenji, sales manager of a hotel that provides services to married couples wishing to spend their honeymoon, said that they had received large numbers of reservations from Gulf countries and the Middle East.

He added, “Trabzon is one of the destinations that Omani tourists come to for their honeymoon. 70-80 percent of our guests coming from Oman come for their honeymoon or for special celebrations.”