Occupation forces assault Palestinian prisoners in “Ofer” prison


Two Palestinian institutions said that an Israeli force stormed a section of Ofer Prison (west of Ramallah) on Monday, brutally assaulting the prisoners, tampering with their belongings, and transferring them to another section.


This came in two separate statements of the Commission for Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs (affiliated with the Palestine Liberation Organization) and the Palestinian Prisoners Club (non-governmental).

The Prisoners’ Affairs Commission denounced the “barbaric attack on the Ofer prisoners this morning.”

And she added, “The Elimaz (a repressive force) and a unit from the prison administration broke into section (carrying number) 21.

I also assaulted the prisoners who were in it, destroyed their belongings, and transferred them to Section 18, which caused a state of indignation and tension among the prisoners.”

The commission held “the occupation authorities fully responsible for what is happening in the Ofer detention camp.”

It called on “all international organizations to intervene urgently to curb the occupation and stop its crimes against Palestinian prisoners, which are escalating day after day.”


According to the commission, 120 prisoners are held in Section 21, which contains the largest number of prisoners in the Ofer prison.

For its part, the Prisoners’ Club said that “prisoners in Ofer prison are facing systematic and repeated repression.”

He pointed out that the prisoners’ sections in the prison have been registered five times since the beginning of this year.

A video recording of the repression units brutally assaulting prisoners in the Negev prison in 2019.

And it was published by the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, last June, with wide reactions, and Palestinian calls for the protection of prisoners.

According to official Palestinian data, Israel holds about 5,300 Palestinians in its prisons, including 40 female prisoners, 250 children, and about 520 administrative detainees.