Minister Koca: There is no situation that calls for an investigation


Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said that there is no situation that calls for an investigation of health workers who are comically calling citizens to get the vaccine at the Kutahya bus station.

Images of vaccine health workers such as officials at the bus station are emerging to encourage the rapid spread of the vaccine on social media.


In the video, health workers are seen at the vaccine booth set up at the Kutahya bus station.

They shouted “Sinovac Sinovac, Biontech Biontech” and other calls for a vaccine, and it quickly spread on social media.

The Kutahya Provincial Health Directorate also announced the opening of an investigation against the employees who called the citizens to be vaccinated with the chant “Sinovac Sinovac, Biontech Biontech”.

Minister Koca made a statement on the matter on Twitter, saying: “One of the health workers at the bus station in Kutahya was humorously calling our citizens for vaccination.

Our services are everywhere, but vaccination is a serious problem, there is no need to investigate our staff, however, we all have to do it, so take the vaccine seriously.”