Mahmoud Abbas imitates the Turkish Ambassador “Jerusalem Star”


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Thursday awarded the Turkish Consul General in Jerusalem, Ahmet Rıza Demirer, the Jerusalem Medal of the “Jerusalem Star” degree in appreciation of his role in strengthening relations between the two countries.

This came during his reception at the presidential headquarters in the city of Ramallah with the Turkish Consul General on the occasion of the end of his mission in the Palestinian territories, according to the official WAFA news agency.

President Abbas awarded the Turkish Consul General the Star of Jerusalem “in appreciation of his distinguished role in strengthening friendly relations and cooperation between the State of Palestine and the Republic of Turkey, and in appreciation of his efforts in supporting the Palestinian people and championing their just cause to gain their freedom and independence.”

The “Jerusalem Star” medal is awarded by the Palestinian President to influential figures who serve the Palestinian people and their cause. It is one of the highest honors after the State of Palestine Medal. It is awarded to ministers, ambassadors, envoys, governors, members of parliaments, Palestinian and foreign party representatives, and influential figures.