Launching of the Algerian-Turkish Business Forum


The one-day Algerian-Turkish Business Forum was launched in Algiers on Monday, amid efforts by both parties to enhance bilateral trade between the two countries.

The opening ceremony of the forum took place in a plenary session in the eastern suburb, in the presence of the Algerian Minister of Commerce, Tayeb Zitouni, and the Turkish Minister, Ömer Bolat.

The head of the Algerian-Turkish Business Council, Jalal Sarandi Muammar, said that 29 Turkish companies registered their presence in the forum, while 150 companies participated on the Algerian side.

Regarding the participating sectors, Sarandi pointed out that they included agriculture, automobiles, construction, electronics, chemistry, engineering, environment, tourism, manufacturing, metals, computer science, foodstuffs, services, textiles, and maritime transport.

He pointed out that there is great interest and a remarkable demand for registration in the bilateral talks that will bring together businessmen and company officials in the two countries.


He added: “There are those who are interested in distributing and marketing products only, and there are those who want to invest, especially in light of the presence of an incentive Algerian investment law that provides many facilities, in addition to lower production costs such as labor, energy, and water.”

He considered that the two countries could go together to open the markets of the African continent, given the existence of free trade zones with several countries such as Mauritania and soon Tunisia, Libya, Mali and Niger.

In 2023, the volume of trade exchange between the two countries reached $6.3 billion, amid efforts to raise the number to the level of $10 billion by 2025.

On Sunday, Turkish Vice President Cevdet Yilmaz praised the size of his country’s direct investments in Algeria, which reached an important level estimated at about 6 billion dollars.

He said in a speech he delivered during an event in Algeria that Turkish companies have, to date, undertaken 636 projects worth $21.3 billion in Algeria.

He explained that Turkish companies implemented very important projects in Algeria, such as mass housing, railways, highways and dams.