Lake Marmara is drying up, fish mortality is increasing


In the Marmara Lake in Manisa, the depth has decreased to 30 cm and the boats have drifted, and drought is threatening the life of the lake.

Lake Marmara in Manisa has been in the grip of drought for a long time, and the water level in the lake has dropped to 30 cm, and this situation has led to the death of fish.


Ismail Yasli, head of the Fisheries Production and Evaluation Cooperative, stated that the deepest part of the lake is currently 25-30 cm.

He said: “Carp and lobster are all dying on the grounds of lack of oxygen, we are appealing to the authorities,” please let our voices be heard… Fishing is not allowed, fishing is over.

Fishing has also ended in the lake, which is a source of income for seven villages around it, and water was added to Lake Marmara from the Gordes Dam last year.

The locals want to build the pipeline that will bring the waters of Ahmedli Stream to the lake for a permanent solution to be implemented as soon as possible.