Khush Choksy seeks to strengthen the economy with Turkey


Khush Choksy, Senior Vice President of International Relations at the US Chamber of Commerce, said that a new window of optimism has opened in relations between Turkey and the United States.

Choksy’s statement came at the conclusion of the US-Turkish conference hosted by Washington on May 9-10.

Referring to the economic relations between Turkey and the United States, Choksy said: “I believe that a new window of optimism has opened between the two countries.”

He stressed his desire for this message of “optimism” to be reflected in the trade relations between the two countries on the largest scale, as it is of great benefit to the United States and Turkey.

The American official explained that the partnerships witnessed by the conference in its 39th edition in a wide range of sectors established the foundations for enhancing bilateral cooperation in services, trade and manufacturing.


He added that many sectors, such as tourism, defense, medical devices, health, insurance, finance, and manufacturing, are among the leading areas in trade relations between the two countries.

He stressed that Turkey has a large and diversified economy, and that American companies tend to produce on the lands of friendly countries such as Turkey, which is a very good example in terms of abundance of opportunities.

Assessing developments in the Turkish economy, Choksy expressed his belief that it is “improving. We commend the Minister of Finance (Mehmet Şimşek), the Central Bank and government leaders for returning Turkey to the path of strong economic stability.”

Choksy also expressed his support for the two countries’ goal of increasing the volume of trade exchange between them from $25 billion to $100 billion annually.

“Economies like the United States and Turkey should enjoy this volume of trade and services,” he said.