Japan.. the Turkish presidency holds a symposium about the UN


The Communications Department of the Presidency of the Turkish Republic held a symposium entitled “Reform of the UN Security Council: A New Approach to Rebuilding the International Order” in the Japanese capital, Tokyo, on Thursday.


The seminar was moderated by the coordinator of the SITA Research Center in Washington, Kılıç Kanat, in the presence of Ankara’s Ambassador to Japan, Korkut Gungen, and Turkish and Japanese experts and officials.

Head of the Communication Department, Fakhruddin Altoun, participated via video link in the symposium, speaking about the failure of the United Nations to play an effective role in wars and humanitarian disasters in the past and in the Russian-Ukrainian war now.


Alton stressed the need to change the unfair and opaque structure of the United Nations Security Council, noting that the “world is greater than five” call is a strong objection to injustice, tyranny and oppression.

Alton added that the United Nations must be restructured in line with the ideals of world peace, prosperity and justice in line with the call for a “more equitable world”.

After the symposium concluded, the Turkish ambassador presented gifts to the participants in appreciation and thanks for their contribution to the symposium.


For years, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has proposed adopting a new perspective on restructuring the Security Council, embodied in the slogan “The world is greater than five” in reference to the permanent members of the Council.