Istanbul municipality decisions regarding public transport services


Istanbul mayor Ekram Imamoglu announced new decisions taken by Istanbul municipality to reduce the spread of the Coruna virus.

“We will suspend the 24-hour transportation service that we do on Fridays and Saturdays,” Imamoglu said in a press release.

Imamoglu added, “We will work to reduce all public transport services except for peak hours.” He pointed out that the municipality will continue to take very strict preventive measures in harmony with the Turkish covenment.

He indicated that they will install 100 disinfectant stations at various points in Istanbul to disinfect more than 25,000 cars, including taxis and minibuses.

He called on elderly people over the age of 60 to stay away from public places, especially public transportation.

Imamoglu said that they are grateful to the health workers and will take serious steps to facilitate their lives, adding that 35 municipal ambulances have been specially equipped against the Coronavirus in this process.

Imamoglu expressed his belief that the difficult times will pass, indicating that they will start posting some cultural and artistic activities on social media.