International Red Cross: warning of deteriorating situation in Gaza


The head of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Mirjana Spolijaric, warned on Saturday that the situation in Gaza would continue to deteriorate from hour to hour, as there was no safe place for the residents of the Strip to take refuge.

In a statement, Spoliatric called for an end to “hostilities” to allow aid to reach residents of the Gaza Strip in need.

It called for the unconditional release of the hostages held by the Hamas movement and to ensure that their dignity is preserved, their safety is maintained, and their medical needs are met.

The International Committee also renewed its call to allow hostage visits, and stressed the need to treat Palestinian detainees humanely and allow them to communicate with their families.

She explained, “Five months after the escalation of hostilities in the Gaza Strip, the situation is deteriorating from hour to hour, as there is no safe place for residents to take refuge.”


She described the high number of civilian deaths and the continued hostage-taking as “horrific conditions that no one can accept.”

Spoliatric concluded her speech by saying: “Israel, as an occupying power, must secure the basic needs of the population, or facilitate the distribution of humanitarian relief in a safe and unhindered manner.”

Since October 7, 2023, Israel has been waging a devastating war on the Gaza Strip, leaving tens of thousands of civilian casualties, most of them children and women.

In addition to an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe and massive destruction of infrastructure, which led to Tel Aviv being brought before the International Court of Justice on charges of “genocide.”