Greece harassed Turkish fighters with the S-300 system


Turkish fighters were harassed by the S-300 air defense system belonging to Greece while carrying out missions in the Aegean Sea and the eastern Mediterranean.


Sources in the Turkish Defense Ministry reported on Sunday that the incident occurred on August 23, while the fighters were making flights in international airspace over the Aegean Sea and the eastern Mediterranean.

She pointed out that the Greek side harassed Turkish F-16 fighters by tracking them with the radar of the “S-300” system installed on the island of Crete.

She pointed out that the Turkish fighters continued their missions as planned, despite the harassment, and returned to their bases safely.

And she stressed that tracking the fighters via radar, tracking targets and guiding missiles is evidence of Greece’s activation of the S-300 batteries.


The sources emphasized that a country tracking the fighters of an allied country in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) as hostile targets through radars is a “hostile act” according to NATO’s rules of engagement.

She stressed that Greece is acting inconsistent with the spirit of the alliance, and pointed out that Western countries are adopting a double policy in this regard.

The sources drew attention to the positions of the United States and some other NATO members after Turkey supplied the Russian S-400 system to enhance its air defense capabilities.


She pointed out that Greece, a member of NATO, supplied the previous version of this system 23 years ago.