Globally..vaccinated with 4.62 billion doses of corona vaccines


On Friday, the number of vaccinations with Corona vaccines around the world exceeded 4.62 billion doses.


According to Oxford University’s ““, China ranked first with more than 1.83 billion doses.

Then India with 523 million and 670 thousand, followed by the United States with 353 million and 860 thousand, then Brazil with 160 million and 60 thousand, and Japan with 108 million and 180 thousand.

Germany ranked sixth with 96 million and 850 thousand, then Britain with more than 87 million, while Turkey ranked eighth with more than 82 million doses.

According to the “Worldometer” website, the number of people infected with a corona around the world, as of Friday afternoon, exceeded 206 million and 438 thousand.


Of them, more than 4 million and 352 thousand have died, and more than 185 million and 262 thousand have recovered.