Georgian Ambassador: Our trade with Turkey reached $3 billion


Georgia’s ambassador to Ankara, George Janjgava, said that his country’s foreign trade volume with Turkey rose by 6 percent in 2023 to reach $3 billion.

Janjgava explained in a statement that this figure constitutes 13.5 percent of Georgia’s total annual foreign trade volume, which amounts to $22 billion.

He pointed out that Turkey is a good neighbor and a friendly country to Georgia and that it is also a strategic partner.

He stressed that relations between the two countries are developing in all fields and sectors, noting that the two countries celebrated in 2022 the thirtieth anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between them.

He pointed to Ankara’s role as a mediator in the Russian-Ukrainian war, describing Turkey as a “leading country” at the regional and international levels.

He continued: “Thanks to its strong administration and economy, Turkey is making the necessary efforts to contribute positively to regional and global peace.”