Ethiopia withdraws its forces from Tigray to its western border with Sudan


Ethiopia announced its intention to withdraw its forces in the northern Tigray region to its western border with Sudan.

In a statement to the press on Friday, Ethiopian Prime Minister Radwan Hussein said, “We are shifting our defense priorities from the Tigray region to our western borders.”


Hussein pointed out that there is a threat to the Ethiopian national security on the western borders, where the military units will be deployed.

About the controversy over the Renaissance Dam between Addis Ababa with Cairo and Khartoum.

He said that his country is carrying out military exercises on the western borders, adding, “We must be ready for any eventuality.”

He indicated the withdrawal of military units from the Tigray region, with the possibility of redeploying them there again if necessary.

Ethiopia, which provides 90 percent of its electricity from hydroelectric power stations, aims to fill the energy deficit and sell it through the Renaissance Dam on the Nile River.

Addis Ababa insists on implementing a second filling of the dam with water in July and August, even if it does not reach an agreement on it.


It says that it does not aim to harm Khartoum and Cairo and that the dam aims to generate electricity for development purposes.

While Cairo insists on first reaching a tripartite agreement on filling and operating the dam to ensure the continued flow of its annual share of the Nile water.

While Khartoum showed a few days ago a conditional willingness to accept the proposal of a “partial agreement” from Ethiopia on the second filling of the dam.