Erdogan: Half of those killed in Israeli attacks are children


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that “about half of those killed in the Israeli attacks on Gaza were children.”

This came in a speech on Wednesday before the parliamentary bloc of his Justice and Development Party in the Turkish Parliament in the capital, Ankara.

The Turkish President pointed out that since October 7, Israel has been carrying out one of the bloodiest, heinous and brutal attacks in history against innocent people in Gaza.

He pointed out that “about half of those killed in the Israeli attacks on Gaza were children, and the remaining half were their mothers and the elderly in their families.”


He continued: “This image alone is sufficient to show that the goal was not self-defense, but rather deliberate brutality directed to commit crimes against humanity.”

Erdogan said: “You cannot find another country and army in the world that bombs cities with warplanes day and night, burns hospitals, places of worship, schools, markets, buildings and alleys, and continues this inhumane act with its tanks, artillery and weapons just to kill children.”

He added: “We feel deeply saddened by the state of helplessness into which the United Nations has fallen. No one takes seriously an entity that ignores the brutal killing of children.”

Erdogan stated, “Turkey will be the first place where the Israeli people will search for security and mercy when the forces they support today leave, just as happened 500 years ago.”