Emine Erdogan calls for taking “concrete steps” for Gaza


Emine Erdogan, wife of the Turkish President, called on the international community to take “concrete steps” for the Gaza Strip.

This came in posts on the “X” platform on Wednesday in Turkish, Arabic and English, in which she shared a clip of her meeting with the wives of leaders in Istanbul in 2009 for the sake of peace in Palestine.

She pointed out that “they appealed to the world at the time for the sake of the innocent victims,” noting that “sadness and tears were the prevailing situation in Gaza as well, and we were witnessing a great humanitarian tragedy there.”


She stressed that “Turkey was standing in the face of the oppressor and screaming at the top of its voice for peace at that time, and that the same situation is being repeated today.”

She continued, saying: “I appeal to humanity that witnesses this injustice. Kites should fly in Gaza, not bombs. Children’s voices should rise, not screams of pain, and the sky should be covered with clouds, not smoke.”

She stressed that “Turkey, which is the voice of the oppressed and innocent, will continue to extend a helping hand to the Palestinian people,” calling on the international community to take “concrete steps.”

She concluded the video by saying: “There is no winner in war and no loser in a just peace.”