Criticism of President Biden on “supply chain” to reporters


US President Joe Biden said that journalists cannot clearly explain the country’s supply chain problem.

Biden answered reporters’ questions after his speech about the infrastructure package at the White House.


On a question about the country’s supply chain shortages, Biden said: “You are all writing about life in the coronavirus era, but I don’t see any of you explaining the supply chain issue very clearly.”

Biden described the era of the Coronavirus as “confusing times” and said, “In these times, my job as President of the United States is to put things in order on my own.

What we need most now is to comfort people and find a way out.”

Several US journalists responded to Biden’s criticism by sharing their articles about the supply chain crisis on social media.

Bloomberg Washington reporter Annmarie Hordern shared a link to their work on her Twitter account and said:


“President Biden said he doesn’t see the press explaining the supply chain very well, this Bloomberg Business article might be a good start.”

Associated Press reporter Zeke Miller also shared on Twitter, “Biden must have missed this article.”