Apple threatens to remove Facebook from the App Store


It was learned that Apple threatened to remove its products from the App Store after it was revealed that “commerce for services” is conducted through Instagram and similar apps.

And Facebook’s internal reports, published by the (WSJ) newspaper, revealed that Facebook received a warning from Apple to remove it from the App Store.


Apple and Google took action after the news broke, while it was learned that Apple wanted app developers to “take corrective action immediately”.

According to internal reports, Facebook was said to have been aware of the issue before the BBC reported it and investigated it.

But she confirmed that after the news was published, he removed the mentions and closed the relevant accounts.

The BBC Arabic report revealed that in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, domestic servants were bought and sold through applications, including Instagram, and were held against their will behind closed doors, deprived of all rights.

After Wallstreet began publishing Facebook’s internal reporting, Facebook continued to be the target of harsh criticism in the United States.

“The app is all wrong in America,” said tech billionaire Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce and owner of Time magazine.

“Look at how Facebook is affecting the world,” Benioff told CNN in news about Facebook.


From political processes to the climate crisis to the pandemic, the problems are rooted in insecurity, and that sense of insecurity is being created by social media companies.”

Benioff has also criticized Facebook before, stating that the empire of Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg, which is worth close to $1 trillion, should be divided.