Ankara ..the second “good train” heading to Pakistan


On Thursday, the Turkish capital, Ankara, saw the farewell of the second “good train” that carries humanitarian aid to Pakistan, which is currently suffering from floods and torrential rains due to heavy monsoon rains.


A farewell ceremony was held at the historic Ankara Train Station to bid farewell to the second “Good Train” in which the Chairman of Disaster and Emergency Management “AFAD” Yunus Sezar, Director General of Railways Ofuk Yalcin, Pakistan’s Ambassador in Ankara Mehmet Sirus Sajjad and representatives of civil society organizations participated.

The train carries 394,000 tons of humanitarian aid collected by Turkish civil society organizations, coordinated by AFAD, and includes tents, blankets and foodstuffs.

Turkey was one of the first countries that rushed to help those affected by torrential rains and floods in Pakistan by sending food and living supplies via 5 planes and a “good train”.


As of last Tuesday, the death toll from the floods that have swept most of Pakistan since mid-June has reached 1,162 dead and 3,554 injured, according to the National Disaster Management Authority.

More than 3,451 km of roads, 162 bridges, 170 shops and 949,858 homes were damaged across Pakistan, according to the same source.