Altun: The “Athens Declaration” opened a new page in relations


Head of the Turkish Presidency’s Communications Department, Fahrettin Altun, said that the Athens Declaration on friendly and good-neighborly relations between Turkey and Greece opened a new page in their relations.

This came in a video message in which he participated on Tuesday in the Turkish-Greek Media and Academy Forum, organized in cooperation between the Turkish Studies Endowment and the Greek Institute of International Affairs (IGA) in the capital, Athens.

Altun touched on the official visit made by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Athens on December 7, and said: “I believe that we have opened a new page in our relations thanks to the Athens Declaration on friendly relations and good neighborliness.”

He expressed his belief that the joint will of the two countries will create many cooperation opportunities that will be beneficial to them and the region on the basis of mutual trust.

He continued: “We believe that Turkey does not have insurmountable problems with our close neighbors such as Greece, with which we share a common history and similar culture.”


Altun pointed out that there are many opportunities and possibilities to increase bilateral cooperation in many fields such as economy, trade, transportation, energy, health, technology, education, and youth, and that he is very happy about that.

He stressed that the channels of communication between the two countries are open, noting that media professionals, academics, and representatives of non-governmental organizations have a great duty and responsibility to keep them open.

He stated that it is a great task and responsibility for media professionals, academics and representatives of non-governmental organizations to keep communication channels open between the two countries.

“In recent years, many ethical principles and many established rules in the field of communication and media have been attempted to be removed from the agenda and discredited,” he added.

He called for building a new approach in the field of communications and media and standing by the truth against such attempts.

On December 7, Turkey and Greece signed the “Athens Declaration on Friendly and Good Neighborly Relations” during Erdogan’s visit to Athens.

The announcement stated: “Turkey and Greece decide to hold ongoing and constructive consultations on political dialogue, a positive agenda, and confidence-building measures.”