Altun: Defending Gaza is important for the future of humanity


The head of the Turkish Presidency’s Communications Department, Fahrettin Altun, said on Sunday that defending Gaza holds great importance for the future of humanity.

This came at the TRT International Documentary Awards ceremony in Istanbul.

Altun stressed that “telling the truth and being faithful to it also carries great importance.”

He added, “What will lead our world to a more just, more livable, and more stable future is truth first and foremost.”

He continued, “When we look at the world today, we find that climate change and the deterioration of the natural balance have become a reality, and armed conflicts and many massacres and wars have also become a reality at the local and regional levels.”

Altun pointed out that “killing humanity with Muslims in Gaza and bombing peace, brotherhood, tranquility and stability around the world with the bombing of Palestine is unfortunately a sad reality.”


He added, “No matter how we look at the matter, the truth is that Israel is committing a major war crime, committing genocide, and has killed nearly 20,000 innocent people indiscriminately in front of the eyes of the whole world for more than two months.”

Altun said, “Despite all this, there is another truth, which is the attempt of some parties (he did not name them), with their media power and the misleading information they produce, to drag humanity into a catastrophe by distorting the facts and mixing truth with falsehood and vice versa.”

He stressed that “promoting truth and the link between truth and humanity is extremely important and a vital element for our future.”

The head of the Presidency’s Communications Department stressed the importance of adopting the correct human position and location when it comes to Gaza.

He concluded by saying: “It is very important to defend Gaza in terms of the future of humanity, to stand against injustice in Gaza, to point out the oppressor, and to reveal and show all injustice from generation to generation through artistic production.”