“Akinci” monitors an exciting review of “Turkish stars”


On Sunday, Anadolu Agency published video footage from the Bayraktar Akinci attack aircraft’s camera of the air show conducted by the “Turkish Stars” team of the Turkish Air Force in Azerbaijan.


The review came within the framework of the activities and activities of the Turkish “Technovist” festival for aviation and space technology, which was held in the Azerbaijani capital, Baku, during the period May 26-29.

The show was well received by local and foreign visitors who flocked to follow the air show.

As the global media partner, it covered the events of the festival, which concluded last week.

The “Turkish Stars” team was established on November 7, 1993 and is an air show team of the Turkish Air Force.


The team uses eight F-5 aircraft during air shows, making it the only team in the world capable of displaying this number of warplanes.