After 100 days… International Justice demands an end to the war


Palestinian Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh on Monday called on the Red Cross to pressure Israel to reach the prisoners.

He also called on the International Court of Justice to issue an “urgent decision to stop the aggression” against Gaza, which has exceeded 100 days.

This came in a speech at the beginning of the weekly Council of Ministers session in the city of Ramallah, the text of which his office distributed to journalists.

 He said: “I ask the Red Cross to exert every possible pressure to reach the prisoners held by Israel in unknown places, some of whom have died, and to make a public statement about their conditions.”

He also called for “continuing the abuse of prisoners in all Israeli prisons,” adding: “Today there are more than 9,000 prisoners in the occupation prisons in conditions that are, to say the least, inhumane.”

He expressed his hope that “the court will not be politicized, and that its decision will be a legal profession based on international law and international humanitarian law.”

He added: “With our awareness that the judges will be replaced by the end of this month, we hope that the initial decision on stopping the aggression will be made before that.”

On Thursday and Friday, the court held two public hearings as part of the commencement of consideration of the lawsuit filed by South Africa on December 29.

The Palestinian Prime Minister explained: “100 days of aggression, the hell of the Holocaust, ethnic cleansing, genocide, starvation, abuse and torture.


 And the daily killing, which claimed the lives of nearly 100,000 people, including martyrs, wounded and missing, and 1.7 million people who were displaced from their destroyed homes.”

He continued: “100 days of darkness without electricity, cutting off water, preventing medicine and communications, and slow and rapid death that claimed the lives of children, women and the elderly.”

Shtayyeh also expressed his hope that “the international press will be allowed access to the Gaza Strip.”

 This is to document the crimes committed there,” adding: “Israel prevents the international press from accessing it.”

Shtayyeh continued: “We will demand that Israel in international courts bear the full costs of everything it destroyed in the Gaza Strip.

We demand that you bear full responsibility for the lives you have committed against our people.”

On Monday, the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza announced that the number of victims of the Israeli war on the Strip had risen to “24,100 martyrs and 60,834 injured” since last October 7.

The devastating Israeli war against the Gaza Strip left an “unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe.”

It caused the displacement of more than 85 percent of the Gaza Strip’s population within 3 months, according to data issued by the Palestinian authorities and the United Nations.