Afghanistan: 2,566 civilians killed in Taliban attacks in 4 months


2,566 civilians were killed in attacks carried out by the “Taliban” movement in various regions of Afghanistan during the last four months of this year.

This was stated by the head of the Department of Monitoring Violence Reduction in the Afghan Ministry of Peace, Syed Abdullah Hashemi, in a press statement on Friday.


Hashemi said that the Taliban carried out 22,000 attacks in the last four months of 2021.

He explained that these attacks resulted in the killing of 2,566 civilians and the injury of 3,021 others.

Afghanistan has been in war since 2001 when an international military coalition led by Washington overthrew the Taliban regime.

This is due to its association at the time with Al-Qaeda, which adopted the September 11 attacks of the same year in the United States.

The level of violence in Afghanistan has escalated since the beginning of last May, with the start of the last phase of the withdrawal of US forces.

And by order of President Joe Biden last April, which is scheduled to be completed by September 11.

During the last three months, the Taliban targeted more than 161 police stations in 85 districts.


It controlled 51 of them in the north of the country and is still increasing its pressure on the security forces in 14 other districts.

The number of districts controlled by the Taliban since last May has so far reached 72.