A Yemeni official praises Turkey’s efforts


A Yemeni official on Friday praised Turkey’s efforts to distribute Eid sacrificial meat to alleviate the suffering of the displaced as a result of the ongoing war in his country for nearly ten years.

This came in a statement by the Undersecretary of Ma’rib Governorate, Abd Rabbo Muftah, during a ceremony honoring the Turkish and German organizations organized by the governorate that participated in distributing Eid sacrifices to the displaced.

According to a statement issued by the Executive Unit for the Management of Displaced Persons’ Camps in Yemen (governmental), “Muftah appreciated the efforts of the Turkish Ministry of Endowments and Turkish associations in distributing Eid sacrifices to the displaced people in Ma’rib Governorate with the aim of alleviating their suffering.”

In turn, the coordinator of the Turkish Religious Endowment in Yemen, Muhammad Bahaa El-Din, said, according to the statement, that Turkey “participated in distributing 4,700 sacrifices in all Yemeni governorates,” without adding further details.


The ongoing conflict in Yemen since 2015 has led to the displacement of about 4.5 million people, most of whom are children and women, at a rate of 80 percent, according to a UN report issued on August 8.

On Thursday, the head of the Turkish Red Crescent Society branch in Yemen, Ibrahim Obaid, reported that the society distributed sacrificial meat to 6,000 families during the days of Eid al-Adha in 5 Yemeni governorates.

He pointed out that “the distribution included the poorest families, the displaced, and people with special needs in these governorates over a period of 4 days during Eid Al-Adha.”

For about two years, Yemen has witnessed a lull in the war between the forces loyal to the legitimate government and the Houthi forces, who have controlled governorates and cities, including the capital, Sanaa (north), since September 2014.