A Turkish family exports its products from “lokum” to 32 countries


Members of the Turkish “Charchi Bashi” family continue to make lokum with its distinctive taste and its wide popularity for decades.

To sell it to 32 countries with revenues of 300 thousand dollars during the first quarter of this year.

Speaking on Saturday, Yavuz Charchi Bashi, one of the partners in his family’s company in Kayseri, said.


The third generation of family members now continues to work in the profession they inherited from their great-grandfather in 1946.

He explained that the family owns a well-known brand throughout the city and the whole of Turkey, and has exported more than 19 types of lokum to 32 countries.

He pointed out that the family company achieved profits of 300 thousand dollars in the first three months of 2021.

Charchi Bashi pointed out that they aim to increase this number to two million dollars by the end of this year.

The history of the Ottoman folk dessert goes back hundreds of years, by mixing honey and molasses (sweet grape molasses) with flour.

To form a local dessert and move with the end of the eighteenth century to the world of local and then global industry.

In the eighteenth century, Haji Bekir, the owner of the first shop to sell this type of sweets, which is called “loqum” in Turkey.

From the discovery of refined sugar and starch to obtain a distinctive mixture of “lokum”, it has been transported through his old shop in Istanbul since 1777 to all countries of the world.