A Saudi tourist delegation visits the Turkish “Samsun”


The Central Agency for the Development of the Black Sea Region organized an introductory tour in the state of Samsun in northern Turkey for a number of Saudi tourism agencies.

As part of regional promotional programs focusing on tourism, 16 representatives of Saudi tourism agencies visited historical and tourist sites in the Şahinkaya Kanyonu area in the Zirkoprü region and the Ayvacik and Salipzari regions in the Samsun Province.

The mayor of Salipzari, Rifaat al-Din Karaca, presented special dishes and specialties of the region to the visiting delegation, after which they visited the organic products market in the center of the city, where they tasted and marketed natural products produced by women.

The head of the Tourism and Branding Unit at the Central Agency for the Development of the Black Sea Region, Masoud Kilic, explained that they hosted representatives of tourism agencies from the cities of Jeddah, Dammam, Taif, Medina and Riyadh in Samsun.

“We chose these offices because they are the agencies that organize most of the tours to the Black Sea region,” he said.

He added that they received very positive feedback about the promotional tour they conducted last year and this year, indicating that representatives of the tourism offices expressed their admiration for the state of Samsun, stressing that it is a region rich in natural and historical aspects, and they began working on organizing tourist trips there for the coming years.