A car overturned in a barn in Aksaray: two dead, one wounded


In Aksaray, two people were killed, and another was injured as a result of the car overturning at a checkpoint.

The car driven by Mehmet Dilek hit the barrier when it hit the lit warning sign on the Ankara-Nygde highway near the village of Bozkir.

With the impact of the collision, the engine and some parts of the car were thrown several meters away.


Immediately after notifying those around, a large number of policemen, firefighters, and medical teams were sent to the scene.

In the accident, while the driver Dilek and Umut Akar died in the car at the scene, Mehmet Shirin Akar was injured.

It was reported that the condition of the injured person, who was transferred to Aksaray Training and Research Hospital, is good.