4 people were killed in a fire that occurred on the Greek Cypriot side


The wildfires in the north of the Greek Cypriot administration in Limassol and Larnaca cannot be controlled.

So far, 4 people have died in the fire, and at least 7 villages have been evacuated.


Greek Cypriot government spokesman Marius Pelicanos indicated that they hope for the rapid spread of the fire, which is also under the influence of winds, but the critical situation continues.

Pelicanos said 11 aircraft were continuing firefighting efforts.

And that a plane from Greece will participate in the firefighting efforts during the day, and that two planes from Israel and Italy are expected to arrive to help.

The Greek Cypriot Minister of the Interior, Nikos Norris, announced that the bodies of 4 Egyptian farmworkers whose cars were found on fire in the Odo area were found, who were later reported missing.

Norris pointed out that they were exposed to the largest fire in terms of property damage and human losses.


The 67-year-old suspect who claimed involvement in the fire was arrested, the suspect was brought before the Limassol Court and ordered to be detained for another eight days.

An investigation team was also formed regarding the accident, which is considered arson.

The fire, which broke out yesterday afternoon near the village of Arakapas in the Limassol region in the Greek Cypriot part, is out of control.

Some villages in the Greek part were evacuated due to the fire that grew in the wind.

The fire affected about 10 residential areas, and electricity was cut off as a result of burning cables in some areas.

Authorities said the fire caused damage to a large forested area.


The Greek Cypriot government also requested assistance from the European Union and Israel to put out the fire.

A message “we are ready to help” was sent from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

The President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Ersin Tatar, called the head of the Greek Cypriot administration, Nicos Anastasiades, yesterday.

He informed them that they are ready to help put out the fire in Limassol, and Anastasiades said that they will evaluate the offer of assistance made by the Turkish side.