2.8 million doses of the BioNTech vaccine arrive in Turkey


2.8 million doses of the Biontech vaccine were placed in the warehouses of the Ministry of Health that were recently brought to Turkey.

The vaccines will be implemented in Turkey after the approval of the Medicines and Medical Devices Agency.

The biontech vaccine has also been included for successful vaccine studies conducted in Turkey.


4.5 million doses in April

According to the statement issued by the Ministry of Health, the “Biontech” vaccines, which arrived with the latest shipments, were placed in the ministry’s warehouses under special conditions.

The use of this vaccine will start after the analysis studies, and the number of doses will reach 4.5 million doses in April.

In addition, an optional agreement has been signed with the company for 30 million doses.

With the increase in the company’s production capacity, efforts will continue to bring the vaccine to our country.

The vaccines are stored at -80 ° C in special rooms designed according to the storage conditions in the warehouses of the Ministry of Health.

Through the Vaccine Tracking System (ATS), which provides vaccine security for Turkey, the necessary data matrix operations will be transferred to the Turkish provinces and start their implementation.


Special packages and temperature loggers will be used during shipment.

Vaccines can also be stored for 5-15 days at room temperature or 14 days at 20 ° C in bins filled with dry ice in provincial warehouses.

Vials with the number of doses that can be administered within 120 hours will be shipped to the vaccination centers.

The vaccine application center will store received vaccines in the vaccine cupboard at a 2-8 degree.